So I got hit by a bus of inspiration yesterday 

and I designed the love tattoo that I’ll be getting [hopefully] soon. It’s beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about how good it’s going to look and feel. This is a gift to myself for making it a year without cutting. 

Once I can, I’m going to show you guys what it’s going to look like. =] It is, in many ways, an homage to To Write Love On Her Arms, and all of the people that have ever told me that I could make it, that I will make it, and that every day I don’t hurt myself is a huge victory. I forget that sometimes, because there are still days where simply seeing a customer come through my line with razor blades makes me itch for it. But this tattoo is going to be a very visible reminder that all of this love that I have in my heart, all this love surrounding me every day, is reason alone to stay strong. 

To all of my followers that have ever been there for me, ever told me they care, ever told me to stay strong or that they believe in me, to everyone I follow that has helped me grow to love myself by demonstrating your own self love, and to everyone I follow or that follows me that has ever dealt with depression, suicidal urges, self injury, or any other mental illness, a part of you is going into this tattoo. ♥  

Merci, mes amis =]