I have spent a large portion of my afternoon/evening creating a huge wish list of clothes I would love to have but can’t quite afford to get at the moment. just to torture myself, I guess. I want really beautiful custom-sized dresses and cozy long-sleeved shirts and cabled sweaters and forest-green jeans and pretty grey boots and I’ll knit my own fingerless gloves and maybe one day I’ll be cute enough to do my own ootd posts but until that day I’ll daydream and cry.

Pardon the half naked boyfriend model…(or don’t, because he’s super cute)…but I finished the hat! I fucked up the last couple rows because I missed the edit on the pattern, but I made a neat hat! Hooray!

Day 1 of spring cleaning is going mostly okay. I’ve gotten 3/4 of the bedroom done (the other 1/4 is Michael’s clothes and the bed) and about 2/3 of the kitchen done but I’ve been at it for 4 hours and my spoons are depleting fast. I’m taking a little That 70’s Show break and then getting back to it. I’ve got a weird craving for peach tea and bratwurst. I want summer.


I think the most frustrating thing about having mental illnesses while unmedicated is that there are some days where it takes literally all of my energy to even get out of the bed, and then I have to go to work.

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hello random tumblr scientists!

can you explain me a thing?

why can I drink roughly 10 shots of 70 proof vodka and just get a little warm

but after drinking about 3/4 of a cup of 12 proof wine I’m feeling floaty?

I don’t get it.

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Vanilla Coke is one of my weaknesses.

I love my boyfriend’s cute little ass.

I can’t wait for fall candles and sweatshirts and leaves changing and pumpkin flavored everything.

I desperately want to be better;
another part of me wouldn’t mind getting worse.

My new tattoo is really beautiful.

I want friends, especially ones that’ll smoke a bowl with me.

I want to make delicious things that people love.

I want to never do dishes again.

My job is turning me into a horrible person.

I miss you.

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I spent Valentine’s Day watching people spend loads of money on flowers and cards.

All I wanted was some cheesecake but I didn’t have time to go get one for myself after I got out of work.


I know I’m pathetic but I would have liked to feel special on Valentine’s Day.

I guess my pizza last night was my treat to myself. :]

Guess who couldn’t sleep? 


I miss this stuff. It would give me a wonderful high and let me sleep for three hours and wake up feeling like I slept an entire night.


The age old battle between a very very stuffed belly and the desire to eat ALL of something really tasty.


The age old battle between a very very stuffed belly and the desire to eat ALL of something really tasty.

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