I need sex like that more often

holy fuck

If I came like that every day I think I’d be an optimist.

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The problem with great sex is that it doesn’t last for hours.

Fat talk plus jiggles plus railing me while I’m high is something my boyfriend is amazing at and did you know orgasms feel 5685259909743225788% better when you’re high and indulging your hedonistic fantasies? Unnnnfffffffffff.


Bourbon Bacon Brownies with Salted Caramel Sauce

odds are pretty high i want these fed to me during sex


Bourbon Bacon Brownies with Salted Caramel Sauce

odds are pretty high i want these fed to me during sex


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I really love sex with Michael. I wish it could last for a few hours…xhsacucuci lvxtzychcwyvichc unnnnffff fat sex is so hot!!!

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y’all are horny

y’all are horny

I wish my cum tasted like Ghirardelli caramel.

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I would really love to get fucked to sleep.


I want you to fill me
like the raindrops that filled craters enough
to create oceans
I want the urgent pressing of your hips
against my massive thighs
to leave me seeing nebulae.

I want you to get lost in my folds
while you cause shifts in the tectonic plates
of my body

Because when we fuck, I want there to be earthquakes

I want aftershocks that send nearby
galaxies out of their orbits
I want the moans that escape me to
be the background radiation noises
of a parallel universe

I want to make love until we
finally re-create the
Big Bang
and there are constellations left in the night sky
of every planet we create
that resemble your eyes
when you come for me



I’m constantly horny… but I never feel sexy anymore. =/ Even when I get the urge to, I don’t get dolled up and try to look hot anymore because I just basically end up feeling undesirable anyway and I’ll probably end up falling asleep after crying because my brain and body can never agree on anything.

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Also feel fatter after sex. Score!

Also feel fatter after sex. Score!

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Holy hot fucking fat sex batman.

I just came every fifth time he thrusted and that’s not even much of an exaggeration.

Mind-blowing sex leads to wonderful sleep. 

But really, it was so hot and fat and incredible and I didn’t ever want it to stop. Thinking about it is gonna make me weak at the knees for years to come.

A Fantasy 

I just want a day filled with eating and sex. Lots and lots and lots of both. Endless orgasms and endless snacks. I want to be stuffed full in every way; I want to feel fatter and look fatter and get fatter and feel my fat body being ravaged over and over again.