I keep losing followers and if it’s because of the things I’ve posted recently, then good

bye, I won’t miss you.

I’ll take five straight days of orgasms and a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles.

To go, thanks.

The luckiest marshmallow ever! I love this Noodle more than I could begin to say. :3

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Whoever first said
“forgive and forget” was an
asshole, big time. Fact.

I’ve been cute a couple times this year :) I feel quite ugly right now and I’m trying to fall asleep so I’m reminding myself that even when I feel like shit, I’m loved and my eyebrows are so much better than they were 5 years ago.

Hey Fashion and Fatshion-Savvy Folks! 

Eshakti is having a really great sale/deal right now! I just ordered three dresses, custom-sized to my measurements and even changed the style of the sleeves on all of them for only 116 bucks, including the 16 dollar shipping! And one of the dresses was 70 dollars! How? If you sign up for the first time (or ‘for the first time’), they give you a 30 dollar coupon to use. And there’s a buy 2, get 1 free offer sitewide (excluding clearance, but still)! Or, if you don’t want to get that many things, they have a 25% off up to two items (but if you’re getting two, you might as well get another free thing, right? :P) Also, you can add your custom measurements and it’s free on your first order (no matter how many things you order!) when it’s $7.50 every other time you do it. But it ends today, unfortunately. :( So go check it out if you want. =] I’m not being paid to tell anyone this, I just want my friends to get good deals on really cute clothes :3

The difference between pizza and orgasms is that I’ve had pizza at least once a week this year.

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But I’m not a dream!
I’m just gone before you wake,
eating your donuts.



Or maybe I’m just
simply a figment of your



I’m starting to get
the itch again for ink and
needles in my skin

My poor sweetie Noodle is blugh so our Ducky is trying to help him feel better :3

My poor sweetie Noodle is blugh so our Ducky is trying to help him feel better :3



I miss the taste of
klonopin in the morning;
sweet stability.

motherfucking unf, yo

motherfucking unf, yo

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Michael and I have been together for two years today. :3 It really does not seem like it’s been that long, but a lot’s happened in the last two years. I’m so happy. I love him so much!

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As a woman that grows neck beardy hair, uuggghhhhhhh I hate shaving it it grows in five different ways and no matter how many blades or moisture strips it has or what kind of shaving cream I use I always end up with nicks and I always have that stupid hair shadow look because I can’t shave close enough but when it gets to be just a smidge too long I can’t do anything without wanting to rip things to shreds so I shave it! If it’s too long, the razor pulls the fucking hair. If it’s too short, it pulls my fucking skin! I end up bleeding either way and part of me wishes I could rock a beard because I hate shaving it but it’s SO UNCOMFORTABLE against my chest fluff :(