I had AMAZING technically-morning sex, and now I’m eating pizza and wings and watching The Craft. I can feel it being a great night, so I hope it is. =]

I’m finally home. This last 17 hour car ride gave me the worst swollen ankles and feet I’ve ever had. =/ I think I’ll probably get my period soon, too, so that’s great. But my vacation was wonderful! After I recover from the car ride from hell tomorrow, I’ll post a lot more pictures and start making posts again. =] Thanks for sticking with me, guys. And welcome to everyone new! <3

Alternately, check out how beautiful this photo filter makes my eyes look. Holy shit.

Alternately, check out how beautiful this photo filter makes my eyes look. Holy shit.

I mean god damn look at how fat and cute I am. :3

I mean god damn look at how fat and cute I am. :3

I’m having a good time on vacation but I also really miss my Noodle. It’s weird being on vacation with his family…without him. I feel slightly out of place. But his niece really like me and I’m getting along with his little brother more than I thought I would and the view from the deck at our suite is incredible. But not having the closeness and the warmth that comes from being in bed or even just on the couch with my sweetie is a jarring difference to my usual pace. On the bright side, I’ve made it my goal to stay as full as I can while I’m here so I can hopefully get to my goal weight and I feel so sexy and fat around all of these thin upper-middle class yacht owners and the tourists and college kids…like my belly jiggles so much when I’m walking and I just get so tempted to dig into my softness when I feel it bounce against my thighs. There’s a wall-size mirror in one of the bathrooms that shows me just how big I’ve gotten…unnnffff. Unfortunately, it’s pretty impossible to masturbate with 6 people in a 4 person suite, sleeping on the couch bed, but that’s another reason I really wish my sweetie was here : belly rubs. They’re just not as good when you give them to yourself. But anyway….

tl;dr I’m having a good time, I really miss Noodle, and I’m hot and fat as fuck.

Newport selfie (and the view from where I was standing)! I either got some really good makeup, or maybe it’s the ocean, but I feel pretty enough to not use a filter! :)

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Some rare days, in the right light, if I&#8217;m wearing nice clothes and a full palette of makeup, I feel like my face is pretty.

Some rare days, in the right light, if I’m wearing nice clothes and a full palette of makeup, I feel like my face is pretty.

I love this beautiful person so much. ♥

I love this beautiful person so much. ♥

Watching Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson makes me cry because of how passionate he is about everything.

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This is the road, the place that I grew up most, I think.

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Fucking hiccups. :( Every time I get them, they last for about an hour, and I always get them twice. Like, I’ll get them to go away once, and then about two hours later, I’ll get them again. And they’re painful, like they happen in my throat somehow? and they’re just really wearing me out today.

It’s a bad mental health day for me today, and having a bad physical day too is just so hard to deal with.

I just realized I didn’t share the wonderful news…I found out Wednesday night that I got the cash office job! =] I don’t know when I start, but it won’t be until after I come back from my vacation. I am so ready for this, so ready for a day shift job and one that I can sit down at. I am good at computer work and I love paperwork, and it’s going to be such good experience to put on a resume for any future employment. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that it will be as good as I hope. It’s still for Walmart, I just hopefully won’t be in as much pain all the time after work. =]

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Little Marshmallow Store 

Hey guys! This is my storenvy, where I will be selling my plus-sized clothing (sizes 1x-4x, or 18-32) at an affordable price and my knitting projects (at a fair price :P) as a means to raise money for my desperately-needed new work wardrobe. If you want to check it out, that would be great, or you could spread the word! The stuff that’s up now is just a small sample of what I have, and I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks. Thanks!

Any of my followers anywhere around Newport, RI? :) I’m looking for things to do while I’m there two weeks from now!

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It is 2014 and my 11 year old cousin just saw Fall Out Boy live and I never got to

this is some repressed middle-school-me-feels bullshit

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