We’re beautiful together, did you know?

Also, you can’t see it, but I have cheesecake on (and in) my belly :3

We’re beautiful together, did you know?

Also, you can’t see it, but I have cheesecake on (and in) my belly :3

 murphmanfa asked: "More like "pound me while I eat it" cake, AMIRITE?"

MURPH oh my god

so right though.

so deliciously right.


The instant I think I might start falling asleep 

An image in my mind shows up

Of me, plus about 300 more pounds, and Michael squishing himself into me as I waddle down the hallway, my hips and belly rolls brushing the walls…

and all of a sudden I find myself unable to sleep and incredibly horny.
Always while he’s at work!

A thing I really just need to say and have needed to say to certain members of tumblr for a long time. 

I am fat.
I am a feedee.
I have a fetish.
I gain weight because I want to.
I have fantasies sometimes about being the size of a lesser planet.

More important, I am a human being.
I think for myself, I take care of myself, I have a heart and feelings and I don’t care if you’re disgusted by me. I don’t care if you think I am hot as fuck. You don’t get to disrespect me or call me a fat slut unless I want you to. You don’t get to send me messages telling me that I’m killing myself. You don’t get to send me messages telling me that I need to ‘gain 100 more pounds before I get to suck your cock.’ Fuck you.  I don’t exist to please you or anybody else. Just because we share the same fetish doesn’t mean we share the same way of practicing it. And when you start objectifying fat people - most not even feedists! - and generally being a disgusting person, you make it even more difficult for those of us that are genuinely good people just trying to enjoy this part of our sexuality that we can’t (and shouldn’t have to) deny. So let me get this straight for you, assholes. Before you think about sending me a message that lets me know you want to fatten me like the cow I am, or tell me that you jack off thinking about me gaining 1000 pounds, ask yourself, “Am I her boyfriend, the one she constantly talks about and so obviously loves?” and if the answer is no, kindly fuck off.

Mind-blowing sex leads to wonderful sleep. 

But really, it was so hot and fat and incredible and I didn’t ever want it to stop. Thinking about it is gonna make me weak at the knees for years to come.

You May Be A Feedist 


If you’ve never been too full for ‘just one more bite.’

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“You’re too full, and you’re begging me to be inside you, now? Well, if you have room for my cock, you have room for a few more bites.”

So ridiculously hot.



“You’re too full, and you’re begging me to be inside you, now? Well, if you have room for my cock, you have room for a few more bites.”

So ridiculously hot.

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He falls asleep after rubbing my belly…I mean, how do you get any cuter? :333

He falls asleep after rubbing my belly…I mean, how do you get any cuter? :333

Michael and I made our own version of the Happy Kitty song! 

  • Me: Full belly, happy belly, little ball of fat...
  • Michael: Squishy belly, hanging belly, pat pat pat!
  • Me: giggles and wiggles with happies
  • Michael: *pats and rubs my belly*


One of my favorite fantasies is imagining myself growing fatter the longer he sleeps so that when he wakes up, he’s pressed into my much larger, softer body and feeling how excited it makes him. UNF.

Well if I wasn’t horngry before…

I’m so glad this blog exists and is willing to post my ridiculously unrealistic and sexual confessions. :3

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So I made this pie today, and OMG it was amazing!  It is a Dutch Apple Pie and the bottom crust is cinnamon roll.  The top is covered with a Brown Sugar Crumble with the Cinnamon Roll Icing.  It was freaking delicious!  It is true… Cinnamon Rolls do make the best apple pie crust.



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A Stream Of Consciousness Cravings List* 

I am DMSing (D stands for During) and I am craving a shit ton of things

*and they aren’t all food


here you go:          

                                              Disclaimer: ignore my strange capitalization choices

Vanilla Coke
Dr Pepper Berries & Cream
Roasted Glazed Pecans
Cinnamon Butter on Pumpernickel Bread
Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce
Lobster with Garlic Butter
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar
A Soft Cuddly Nap After Belly Rubs
Loaded Baked Potatoes
Loaded Baked Potato Bites
Noodle’s Butt In My Hands
Strawberry Nutella Milkshake
Moose Sausage [honestly the best meat I’ve had in my life]
Maple Syrup
Jalapeno Poppers with Cream Cheese and Jam
Ultra Hot Fat Sex
Belly Jiggles
Fingers Dug Into My Side Rolls
Hawaiian Pizza
Cinnamon Sticks
Peach Cobbler with lots of Ginger & Nutmeg
A Kajillion Orgasms
My Fingers In Michael’s Hair While He Fucks Me
Tzatziki Sauce
Monkey Bread
Buttered Crescent Rolls
Shredded Wheat Bread
Cheddar Chowder
Broccoli and Cauliflower, Steamed
Garlic Green Beans
Cream Cheese on a Wild Berry Bagel
Soft Snuggles and Kisses
Hand Holding
Pasta Salad [with pepperoni!]
Macaroni Salad (with banana peppers!)
More Belly
Hershey’s With Almonds
Turtle Caramel Nut Shake from Steak ‘N Shake
Another Tattoo (or six)
A visit to the Eiffel Tower
French Bread
French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese
Boops On The Nose
Bonks On The Forehead
Cherry Limeade
Tequila Sunrises [equal parts orange juice and grenadine] :p
Crispy Potato Soft Taco
Thigh Rolls
5 Layer Beefy Burrito
Crunchwrap Supreme
BK’s Sweet Potato Fries
Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets
More Belly [I already said that? Oh well.]
Chorizo Sausage In Arborio Rice (So basically a chorizo risotto)
Stir Fry
Sleepy Cuddles

but most of all

Noodles ♥  

Okay, Legit, Real-Life Feedist Help Needed 


The scale in my house of non-fatties maxes out at 330 lbs. most store bought scales stop at 300, 330, 400, or 440. In my situation a 440 lb scale would work but it wouldn’t be useful after a few months, so I ask this: Where can I get a scale that goes much higher for not a lot of money? A max capacity of at least 600 lbs would be about right, if not higher.

I know at least two of my followers are BBW paysite models who have done weigh-in sets and likely know what’s up, so leave a reply or ask or something? :)




it is impossible not to get turned on (and ridiculously excited) now that I’ve officially seen this post.

I’m going to be so fat. :3

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To certain guys who like fat women, or, The Internet FA 


Oh, you’re different than normal guys, open-minded, and progressive? A good guy?

Tell me more about how your ideal kind of woman is shorter than you, hourglass or pear-shaped, rarely short-haired, and by most standards a very traditionally attractive woman plus a hundred or more pounds.

Tell me more about how the BBW paysites cater to and reinforce this mindset.

Tell me about how gross and unattractive you think that tall, apple-shaped girl with the strong, toned legs and wide shoulders looks, and how you erase her womanhood by comparing her body type to a man’s.

Tell me more about how you put down skinny women because they aren’t sexually or aesthetically attractive to you.

Tell me more about how you treat fat women on the Internet as a potential source of pictures for fap material.

Tell me more about all the erotic stories involving weight gain you love to read, all the paysite ladies who often play up the idea of feeding/weight gain for your money and pleasure, and how much you love that your thin girlfriend has put on ten pounds and now has a pot belly.

Tell me about how those things don’t mean you’re a feeder.

Oh, also tell me about how your girlfriend doesn’t know you prefer fat women.

And you, older guy in the back, tell us about how you try to get with fat women 20+ years younger than you, but neglect to mention your wife to them, or vice versa.

And you, the kind of guy who hangs out at LTC or BBW-chan or wherever who “love fat chicks” but then become like every other fat-hating asshole once a woman over a certain size shows up. I don’t even get this kind of thing.

Tell me your behavior isn’t problematic as fuck. I fucking dare you.

Get out of your closet. And the fridge, too. Stop being a creepy shady Internet FA.

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Citrus Magica: The Buffet of Feedism 


Spurred by a conversation with a few of the tinychat regulars, I had a neat idea about the nature of feedism and the many forms it can take. You see, the fetish isn’t a binary on/off thing, nor is it a spectrum of severity. I thought the most fitting metaphor was that feedism was a buffet….

Oh my god. This is what I’ve been looking for pretty much my whole life. Someone to explain to me the way that I think and the way that I feel in words and diagrams that make sense. AND YOU MADE THEM.

I can say that I’ve truly only ever been interested in feedism and, unfortunately, never participated in any of these glorious buffet selections except being a ‘happy fatty’ that’s been with - if not a ‘chubby chaser’, a ‘chubby girl admirer.’

Ahhhh. Not only does the pictured buffet look delectable (holy fruit EVERYWHERE) but the diagrams you made make things seem so much more simple, letting them just be what they are. I’m so intrigued and almost nervous to let myself into this community because things can often wind up hitting me in the face. I’m not very good with vulnerability, but I’m getting better at it.

The idea of being fed, and even feeding someone else, is something I’ve always wanted. As a selection of the buffet, I’d go with calling it ham and mashed potatoes, because I’ve never really liked turkey. But for me, both are necessary. (Especially the mashed potatoes. ESPECIALLY. THE. MASHED. POTATOES.) When I discovered my sexuality [or, I should more accurately say, grew into my sexuality] I knew that I wanted food to be a part of it, because sharing that kind of desire with someone is so incredibly erotic and romantic at the same time. Thinking about someone laying in bed with me and rubbing my soft, fat tummy and feeding me - or I feeding them! - just makes me melt a little. I’ve had snacks before and after sexy times, but never during. I want foreplay with food, so to speak. Words whispered into my ear about my fatness being loved, my softness delighted in, and the way my feeding from them makes them want me even more. When it comes to being a feedee, I’ve always imagined the appetizer, the main course, and the dessert to be my partner…but if/when those fantasies include any actual food, I find myself hungry. And, ironically, not just for food. xP

Speaking of which! Fat talk for me wouldn’t be gravy, but perhaps the buttery corn or the buttery, garlicky green beans. Or maybe just the butter on my mashed potatoes. Call me a Paula Deen supporter, but butter makes things better. ;] (edit: Oh my god. Actually, fat talk would be raisin sauce on my ham instead of gravy on my turkey/mashed potatoes. I know nobody else will understand but in my family, we put this stuff called raisin sauce on our ham and it is to die for. I don’t even like raisins. That’s how good it is. So, metaphorically, it’s fitting…) Fat talk seems so hot to me, but I feel like I would do it wrong, like something I would say about how much fatter I want to be for someone would just make them laugh or think I was weird. -loud sigh- I actually wrote a story today that I think I’ll post later (after transcribing it from my physical journal, of course) that includes an attempt at it. My first actual semi-erotically centered fierce, horny fat girl story. I liked the sound of that. xD

I’ve decided that the next item on the menu is yummy, perfectly browned buttery crescent rolls. When it comes to squashing…well, I suppose I’ve done that too. Cowgirl isn’t exactly a position you can pursue without squashing someone. ;P I haven’t, however, done the parts you’ve mentioned, and they’re enough to get my knickers in a twist just thinking about them. >.< I want those buttery crescent rolls cascading over someone’s face, if you get my drift… ;]

And then to the dessert, apple berry pie à la mode [vanilla bean ice cream]…being an actual gainer. I got comfortable with this idea long before I did with being a want-to-be-feedee, actually. I suppose it’s because it’s easy for me to gain weight and I love eating yummy food. Finding someone that would actually appreciate me gaining weight was, I thought, an impossibility. And to think that they’d even feed me? Preposterous! …But it turns out there are hundreds of us, really! :D I don’t want to be ashamed of this part of me anymore. I’m not really afraid of what people could say about it, because I’ve probably (most likely) already heard their brilliant (/sarcasm) insults anyway. 

Perhaps I’d add to this buffet by adding a circular table to either side that holds the plates, napkins, silverware, and drinks. Those of us that look at the buffet and long to join in but are either afraid to, ashamed of wanting to, or don’t know how to. Those of us looking on in awe and admiration and jealousy deserve a spot in this diagram, methinks. But I’m too lazy to make it for you. :P

And also, perhaps a slight adjustment to this table of wonders, only in my personal experience fantasizing [so therefore, not exactly expert material], would be to add all the little intricacies of each…the stuffing (or dressing, whatever you call it), the cranberry sauce and veggies and side dishes for people that don’t like the main course like baked mac & cheese and pulled pork and the multiple casseroles (okay, we go all out when my family gets together for a buffet-style dinner). They represent the small parts of feedism, like people that like being fed only during sexy times, or people that like being fed all the time; those of us that eat to get stuffed and enjoy that feeling and some of us that eat simply for the pleasure of being fed and even more of us that eat to actually gain the weight (of course, you can switch all those to match a feeder’s point of view.) Basically, just adding the small things. Though it would become a complicated diagram, it would be all-inclusive! They may be small things, but they’re some of the best parts, OMFSM.

I want to be a Happy Fatty, a Proud Feedee, and a Gainer (actually, really gaining weight for someone’s [and my own!] pleasure, though talking about it is all well and good, too.) Huzzah, says I!

And thank you! ^_^