I wish plus sized fashion chains didn’t use language like ” tummy concealer” and “problem area” and my personal fav “provides extra camouflage” like what fucking camouflage?? I’m a fat chick at the beach not a fucking sniper in the jungle can you please not insult your core demo so blatantly 

all of this forever

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"Women who are fat are said to have ‘let themselves go.’ The very phrase connotes a loosening of restraints. Women in our society are bound. In generations past, the constriction was accomplished by corsets and girdles…. Women today are bound by fears, by oppression, and by stereotypes that depict large women as ungainly, unfeminine, and unworthy of appreciation…. Above all, women must control themselves, must be careful, for to relax might lead to the worst possible consequence: being fat."

- “Letting Ourselves Go: Making Room for the Fat Body in Feminist Scholarship,” by Cecilia Hartley  (via albinwonderland)

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fat person walks in the room and all of a sudden every skinny motherfucker within a 5-mile radius is a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, and personal trainer with something to say


With they Sidewalk University degree in “you…

The fuck does it matter what I post on my blog? Just because I post it doesn’t mean I eat it. That’s probably why I don’t weigh as much as a fucking house.

But, gee, you care about what other people post.

Also, the fuck do you care if someone weighs as much as a house?

god damn it. like how long will it take before people in general start taking us seriously? There have been so many tests done and redone and studied and published that contradict pretty much everything that society wants us to believe is wrong about fatness.

You don’t read them because you’ve got it set in your mind that you won’t believe them

You “used to be fat so you know it’s unhealthy”, erasing so many others’ experiences

and why the fuck is there anything wrong with being unhealthy? there are unhealthy people of every size, and you can’t know someone’s health just by looking at them.

You aren’t more deserving of respect as a person just because you’re healthy and they aren’t, according to your own arbitrary standards.






"When obese people are at the size genetically normal for them, their energy balance and requirements per unit of lean body mass are indistinguishable from you or me or any other ‘normal’ weight individual, said Dr. Rudolph L. Leibel, M.D., now at Columbia University, whose laboratory at Rockefeller University, New York, has conducted some of the most detailed, complex metabolic research on energy balance and the biochemistry of fat. “An obese person is metabolically just like a lean person, except they’re bigger,” he said."

- Sandy Szwarc -How We’ve Come to Believe Overeating Causes Obesity (via hityoutwo)

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want dis


want dis

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I’m really high, cute (with a bunch of our stuffed animals on our dresser), hot, fat, and horny tonight. In case you forgot that I love being fat, that I love my body, and that my Noodle is hot as fuck. Just thinking about how much I wish he was here gets me like this. (Feedist fetishy part next:) Thinking about him makes me remember how hot it is that I’m over 50 lbs heavier than I was when we met 2 years ago…fuck, it’s making me wet. Unfff.

Yes, I have a fat fetish. No, it does not negatively affect my ability to practice medicine. 


I am still somewhat shocked at the overwhelmingly positive response to this ask that I answered back in October. To date that post has received over 13,000 likes, reblogs, and responses. Out of that number, only 3 or 4 have been critical of the fact that I have a fat fetish and have stated that it makes me biased, and therefore I am not to be trusted as a physician where fat people are concerned. I would like to address those concerns.

Yes, I freely admit to having a fat fetish. Specifically Feederism (or Feedism). I have it listed among my interests in the About Me section of my blog. I have had this fetish since the age of three, long before I realized it was ever connected to anything sexual.

But you know what? There is a time and a place for practicing one’s fetish and the doctor’s office is not that place. Feederism is left to the bedroom and explored only with other fully informed and fully consenting partners. Partners who are not patients.

Yes, I suppose that having a fetish could make me biased. But, does that mean that other doctors (who don’t have a fat fetish) are not biased? (yes, if you think that doctors who don’t have fat fetishes aren’t biased, you’re wrong). Do a Google search for “fat bias in medicine.” On the very first page you see articles like, “Many Medical Students Have Anti-Fat Bias, Study Finds,” and “Medicine’s Big Fat Bias.” and “Anti-Fat Bias May be Equally Prevalent in General Public and Medical Community.”

Blogs like This is Thin Privilege have stories literally every day from fat people who have had their health concerns ignored by their doctors. Many of them ignored to the point where very serious health conditions have gone undiagnosed. Even non fat activist media reports on cases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, eating disorders, and broken bones going undiagnosed, in many cases for years, because doctors take one look at a fat person and say, “your problem is that you are fat. Lose weight and it will go away.” Cancer? Lose weight and cancer will go away? Broken bones? Lose weight and they will go away? Seriously? Simply as an example, a delay in diagnosis of cancer of even a week can sometimes make the difference between surviving or dying because of it. You cannot deny or ignore the fact that there is real anti-fat bias in the healthcare industry and that it results in countless adverse outcomes for the patients involved.

Going to medical school and being a doctor is not about mindlessly accepting everything you are told as fact, and not thinking critically about what you are being told. Question EVERYTHING.

We are taught how to read medical studies in medical school. Yes, the peer review process helps to determine what is a valid study and what isn’t. But studies are biased. Not only do you have to look at the study itself and how it was performed, but also who commissioned the study in the first place? Was it paid for by the pharmaceutical industry? The multibillion dollar weight loss industry?

Many times studies that don’t meet the investigators’ preconceived notions of what the results “should” be don’t ever get published. That happens a lot more often than you might think. Sometimes the groups funding the studies try and pressure the researchers to not release those results. They threaten to withdraw funding for future studies and that is where the chilling effect comes in.

It is true that my fat fetish has influenced how I practice as a physician. But it hasn’t influenced it in the way that one might assume. Because of my fetish, I have taken an interest in how fat people are treated by society. And to be honest, the way society treats fat people is really shitty. I have, because of my fetish, vowed to not treat fat people the way the general public has. I treat them with the same respect that everybody deserves, fat or not. Healthy or unhealthy. A person’s size or health status is not a measure of their worth.

It may surprise some here to hear that I have told patients to lose some weight. I have even referred a few of them for weight loss surgery. Gasp! A fat fetishist with a fetish for weight gain would NEVER do those things? Well guess what? This fat fetishist has done so, and over the course of my career I expect that I will do so again.

The difference is that I don’t blindly recommend weight loss or surgery to my fat patients. The vast majority of them do not need to lose weight to be healthy. Simply not recommending weight loss as the “be all, end all solution to health problems” is not “encouraging obesity.” I still promote healthy eating habits. I still promote exercise. But those things don’t have to be tied to weight loss to be effective. Many of my patients lose weight by doing those things, but I didn’t tell them to do those things to lose weight. Many of my patients who do those things never lose weight. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting any benefits from doing those things because they haven’t lost weight.

TL; DR: Yes, I have a fat fetish, but that doesn’t mean that I have an “anti-health” bias as a doctor. And not having a fat fetish doesn’t mean that doctors aren’t biased against fat people either.

If any of my followers are uncomfortable following me because I openly admit to a fat fetish, that is perfectly fine. You are free to unfollow me if you want. It won’t hurt my feelings. Just don’t be an asshole about it. Somehow I have a feeling that very few people will do that, though.

I’ve been cute a couple times this year :) I feel quite ugly right now and I’m trying to fall asleep so I’m reminding myself that even when I feel like shit, I’m loved and my eyebrows are so much better than they were 5 years ago.

A year of selfies. :)


When people who haven’t met my girlfriend ask about her, a part of my brain wants to describe her as follows: “She’s got a smile that fills up a room, and the rest of her is getting there…”

Every time I need a pick-me-up, I read this :3

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Somebody should invent me some hover boots so I don’t actually have to be on my feet to do anything if I don’t want to.

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I’m fat. I’m jiggly. It’s hot. Protip: click the gif. The frame rate’s a lot better. I get a lot jigglier. :P

I’m fat. I’m jiggly. It’s hot. Protip: click the gif. The frame rate’s a lot better. I get a lot jigglier. :P

Sometimes belly doesn’t want to stay locked up in my pants like a cage. It seems I’m outgrowing these capris… :3

Sometimes belly doesn’t want to stay locked up in my pants like a cage. It seems I’m outgrowing these capris… :3

This morning, so far, I’ve eaten:

three stadium bratwurst, in a bun with spicy brown mustard
about two pounds (ish) of incredibly tender, moist, juicy barbecued loin back ribs slathered in Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce
roughly half a cup of mustard potato salad
two ears of corn, buttered
a few buttermilk and herb potato chips
a few scoops of cannoli ice cream in a cone
brown sugar-maple-rum-vanilla-cinnamon sauce glazed peaches (two full fresh ones) with vanilla ice cream

and I’m still hungry. Some days I can just never get full and I wish I could just get fatter with every bite I’m just so frustrated with this plateau. I keep gaining and losing the same ten or so pounds and I just wish I had the money to eat the way I wanted to constantly.

Unnfff, I’m so fat and frustrated.

Laying in bed when my boobs decide to casually attempt assassination via smothering. Not amused.

Laying in bed when my boobs decide to casually attempt assassination via smothering. Not amused.