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A wonderful lunch with great people :) 

I just had the most fun that I’ve had in a bit over a year, and I may never see any of the people I was with ever again. :/ I already miss you all and wish I’d had tonight off so I could have spent more time with you!

agreekdoctor said: What was the name of the episode? I don’t watch this show but I kinda want to see this one now. :P

nanabobo567 said: What the doc said. ‘.’

Sorry this took me so long to reply to! I’ve been slightly busy this past day and a half. The particular episode is called The Foot in the Foreclosure, season 5 episode 8. =]

 agreekdoctor asked: "You always post the best food porn images. :)"

Thanks Stavros! :] I just post whatever looks appetizing. And really, id-rather-have-food is probably my favorite tumblr, because she posts so much good food porn. :P

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I’ve been wanting this to be a thing, I just can’t ever seem to get my shit together to meet up with people.

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I agree. I’d love to meet you and Michael and Amber :)

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I’m in Kentucky, am I invited? :[

A meet-up would be fantastic if we could ever set one up! And John, of course you’d be invited. :p

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May I just say that perhaps an Ohio Tumblr Feedist get-together needs to become a thing?

ahhhhh that would be so fun!

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May I just say… Those eyes? (Said in the same tone of voice as “dat ass”). And then might I also be permitted to say “Dat belly?” :P But seriously, you have very beautiful eyes. :)

You’re making me blush! =] Thanks Stavros! They’re my most-complimented feature, and I like them myself…particularly because they’re what caught Michael’s attention, too. :P He was the one that was meant to see the love in my eyes. Gah. I am so lucky. :3

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Aw babe. I’m here for you.

You always are darling. <3 Thank you. =]

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*hugs* Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks Stavros! -hugs back- I think my body is really just tired of the over-or-under-production of every hormone I’ve got. It’s been a while (read: never) since it’s been in stasis and now I’m sick and I’ve got my period and just started a new pack of birth control and I’m taking my lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer but my head just really hurts and so does everything else. So hopefully sleep will fix all of that by the time I have to go to work in the morning.

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where are you movin’ to? :O

Ohio, with Michael! :D 

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Pack what you can in your luggage and then mail or ship whatever doesn’t fit the airline’s weight limits? Can’t you get boxes from work to ship stuff in? Might be cheaper that way.

I probably can, I just don’t have a car or time, really. And I don’t have a way to weigh my luggage either. I don’t really need to take that much with me, because mostly what I’ll be wearing are work clothes, anyway, and I’ll be back here in December and April. I just don’t want to have to spend any more than I have to on this end of it. Trying to find an apartment will be my top priority, basically, once I’m out there. I’ll figure it out, I know that. It’s just that I only have a few days to do so. xD

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That is seriously impressive. Nice job.

Thanks Stavros! :D

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*hugs* Sounds like you do need a break from your family. Sometimes getting away from your family helps your relationship with them. Also sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother.

It’s okay. My grandma was 94 when she died. It’s been two weeks now. The flowers were a little late…but it was nice [and the policy] of WalMart to send them to us either way.

But as for all of the other stuff, yes. I let myself get overwhelmed and feel guilty for wanting to leave when the atmosphere I’ve been in is suffocating me. I’ve daydreamed of running away more times than I can count, but I’m extraordinarily codependent and afraid of goodbyes.

So I’m trying to do something about it, and a lot of people (read: my family) are trying to make me feel bad about making adult decisions for my own life.

We live in a tightly-knit family. We have roughly 10 family reunions a year. My mom lives 25 miles from her parents, 4 minutes away from her twin sister, my Aunt Debbie. My cousins (who are very well-off, financially, and could live almost anywhere) live a street over from Aunt Debbie [their mother.] And I mean that my 36 year old cousin lives with her 29 year old sister and her husband and two daughters. If we aren’t here or at WalMart, we’re at one of their houses. And, when I lived with my grandparents, I had three sets of aunts and uncles and my cousins living on the same street! They’re still there! [And this is all only on my mom’s side; my ‘father’s’ family lives around here too.]

I grew up moving all over the place. This house that I’ve been in for five years is the longest I’ve ever stayed, anywhere. And it isn’t home. I’m old enough and it’s time for me to go, but I have this deep, ingrained need for reassurance that leaving this kind of family atmosphere is healthy. I keep getting told that I “don’t have enough appreciation for my family” and that “they’re the only people that have been there for me through everything.”

It’s because they’re the only people that have known me long enough, been around me long enough, to have done anything. And if I take them for granted, it’s because I don’t just visit them - I live with them.

I think you’re right, doc. Getting away will help me a lot. If this transfer doesn’t go through, I’ll find another job and move anyway. I am so very tired of being here.

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Looks like I’ve met a Chesley now. You could have a name like mine, though. Among the usual “Stravos, Starvos, and Starvus” I’ve been called Starburst and Star Wars. :)

You will now forever be Dr. Star Wars to me. Haha. xD

I know, I shouldn’t complain. It’s just that my name is easy, and there’s really only three ways that I’ve ever seen it spelled, and phonetics just makes it impossible for the S to be before the L. 

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